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** 11 Words With a 'Q' But No 'U' Acceptable in Words With Friends **

Jamie Spatola
10 . 02 . 12

At this very moment, someone is Googling "Words With Friends words without
vowels," and there's a good chance they'll land on this story we ran last
year. If your problem isn't a lack of vowels but a nagging 'Q' (and no 'U'
to go with it), perhaps one of these words will help.

*1. Qwerty/s – the name for a keyboard whose letters are in the standard
typewriter arrangement* (hence, Q, W, E, R, T, Y in the upper left-hand
corner of the letter section).

*2. Qi/s – an alternate spelling of “chi.” *Much like chi is the
vital energy circulating through the body, “qi” is vital to your WWF
arsenal. I mentioned this word in my previous two-letter words post but it
is worth including here.

*3. Qat/s – an alternate spelling of “khat,”* which is a
white-flowering evergreen shrub found in Africa and the Arab Peninsula.
Apparently chewing it is kinda fun – it contains cathinone which is a
mild stimulant.

*4. Qaid/s – an alternate spelling of “caid,”* which is a word for a
local governor or leader used most commonly in North Africa and the Muslim
state of Al-Andalus (also known as “Moorish Spain”) which existed from

*5. Qoph/s – an alternate spelling of “koph,”* (alternate spellings
are totally trending right now) which is the 19th letter of the Hebrew


Source: mentalfloss.com/article/29958/11-words-q-no-u-acceptable-words-friends

can i q be in a word without a u

Q Without U - Important Scrabble Words to Know



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Scrabble Words - Q Without U
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** Scrabble Words - Q Without U **

A list of legal words for Scrabble and Words With Friends which use Q but
not U

Scrabble - Rob Hitchman/Flickr
Rob Hitchman/Flickr
By Erik Arneson
Board/Card Games Expert


By Erik Arneson

Updated December 20, 2014.

For many casual Scrabble players, drawing a Q is more likely to inspire
fear rather than joy. But the 10-point letter should be seen as a source of
high-scoring plays. Learning the 33 words which use a Q but not a U (or use
both, but not in the QU sequence) can go a long way toward improving your

You might also want to learn Scrabble's legal two-letter words and words
with no vowels. Here are all of our Scrabble word lists, and some simple
ways to improve your Scrabble play.

/NOTE: These words are legal according to the Official Scrabble Players
Dictionary, 4th Edition. They may not be legal if you use a different
dictionary. The word list used in tournament games in the United States is

Source: boardgames.about.com/od/scrabble/a/q_without_u.htm

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