Buffalo Gnats Killing Chickens?

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Gnats Killing Chickens?

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· Partridge Plymouth Rock
Reviewed by Hedwig
Got 2 in 2011. Still have 1 that turned 3 recently. The other on started
loosing feathers under her neck and under her belly, then died. The other
on I still have won me the best standard hen at...
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· Ameraucana
Reviewed by Hedwig
I have one pullet started laying then took a 3 week break now she lays
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· Barred Rock
Reviewed by Hedwig
I have 2 barred rock pullets. One is very skittish bottom of the order and
the other is very friendly. Very friendly and inquisitive to what I might
feed them next.
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· Premier Brooder Heating Plate
Reviewed by wsmith
This is fantastic! Even when the temps got into the low 20sF, the chicks
stayed warm. It mimics the hen, as the chicks go underneath the plate and
the heat is in contact with each chick. It doesn't...
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· Australorp
Reviewed by Bogtown Chick
I've had my Black Australorp Hen 2 years now.  I only got one as part of a
mixed flock.  She lays consistently light creamy pink/ brown eggs.  
Her Black coloring makes her difficult to see in...
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** Buffalo Gnats Killing Chickens? **

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Source: www.backyardchickens.com/t/185421/buffalo-gnats-killing-chickens

can gnats kill chickens

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