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"FPS Russia" redirects here. For the former section of the Russian border
patrol, see Border Guard Service of Russia § Old FPS Structure.

Genre Firearms/weapons
Created by Kyle Myers and PaintballKitty
Presented by Kyle Myers
Original language(s) English/Russian/German
Location(s) Georgia, United States
Running time 1-10 minutes
Production company(s) Mrs.makarov inc.
Original network YouTube
Picture format 1080p, 720p
Original release September 1, 2010 (2010-09-01) â€“ present

Kyle Or *FPSRussia* is a popular YouTube channel consisting of videos
involving firearms and explosives. The videos feature *Kyle Myers*, an
American born in Lavonia, Georgia, USA, playing the role of *Dmitri
Potapoff*, a heavily accented Russian. Each video on the channel generally
has Myers explaining the characteristics of the weapons he will use in that
video (occasionally telling the history behind it and sometimes
explanations of its purpose), before he demonstrates their abilities on
targets such as fruits, drink bottles, zombie targets, and photos of Justin
Bieber in his earlier videos.^[1]^[2] The FPSRussia channel reached the 1
million subscriber mark in June 2011, at present, his channel has garnered
6 million+ subscribers.^[3] Myers has used largely varying pieces of
equipment along with weapons that have been featured in his videos such as
a golden AK-47, an armored troop carrier,^[4]^[5] a .50BMG rifle, and a
Bofors 40 mm automatic anti-aircraft cannon.

After an announcement video in December 2012 and a successful Kickstarter
campaign, FPSRussia released "FPS Russia: The Game" on the App Store for
iOS devices in March 2013 with developer Zaah.^[6]


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· 3 Death of Keith Ratliff
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