Can a fish really drown and some Fish Facts?


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/* Can a fish really drown and some Fish Facts?*/

YES, fish can really drown!

Fish, like people, need oxygen to live.

Fish, like people, need oxygen to live. A fish out of water is a fish out
of its element. A fish comes fully equipped with a pair of gills, which it
uses to breathe under water. The gills extract life-sustaining oxygen from
the hydrogen in the water molecules, in order to regulate the amount of
oxygen intake. This maintains the necessary balance of the two components
of water for the fish to survive.

When a fish is taken out of water, and exposed only to air, not to oxygen
and hydrogen containing water, its gills are unable to control the oxygen
intake, the delicate balance cannot be maintained, and the gills inhale a
lethal overdose of oxygen. The fish essentially experiences death by

· More species of fish live in a single tributary of the Amazon River than
in all the rivers in North America combined.
· The most carnivorous of all bears is the polar bear. Its diet consists
almost entirely of seals and fish.
· The mudskipper is a fish


can fish drown

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