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can earthquakes be predicted

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*Earthquake prediction* "is usually defined as the specification of the
time, location, and magnitude of a future earthquake within stated
limits",^[1] and particularly of "the /next/ strong earthquake to occur in
a region."^[2] This can be distinguished from /earthquake forecasting/,
which is the probabilistic assessment of /general/ earthquake hazard,
including the frequency and magnitude of damaging earthquakes, in a given
area over periods of years or decades.^[3] This can be further
distinguished from real-time earthquake warning systems, which, upon
detection of a severe earthquake, can provide neighboring regions a few
seconds warning of potentially significant shaking.

To be useful, an earthquake prediction must be /precise/ enough to warrant
the cost of increased precautions, including disruption of ordinary
activities and commerce, and /timely/ enough that preparation can be made.
Predictions must also be /reliable/, as false alarms and cancelled alarms
are not only economically costly,^[4] but seriously undermine confidence
in, and thereby the effectiveness of, any kind of warning

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthquake_prediction

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