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*Regulation of electronic cigarettes* varies across countries and states,
ranging from no regulation to banning them entirely.^[1] As of
2015^[update], around two thirds of major nations have regulated
e-cigarettes in some way.^[2] Because of the potential relationship with
tobacco laws and medical drug policies, e-cigarette legislation is being
debated in many countries.^[3] In respect to making regulatory decisions,
regulators are currently evaluating the research on e-cigarettes.^[4]

The legal status of e-cigarettes is currently pending in many
countries.^[5] Some countries such as Brazil, Singapore, the Seychelles,
and Uruguay have banned e-cigarettes.^[5] In Canada, they are technically
illegal to sell, as no nicotine-containing e-fluid is approved by Health
Canada, but this is generally unenforced and they are commonly available
for sale Canada-wide.^[6] In the United Kingdom, the use and sale of
e-cigarettes are legal.^[7] In the US, the use and sale of e-cigarettes are

In February 2014 the European Parliament passed regulations requiring
standardization and quality control for liquids and vaporizers, disclosure
of ingredients in liquids, and child-proofing and tamper-proofing for
liquid packaging.^[9]^[10] In April 2014 the US Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) published proposed regulations for e-cigarettes along
similar lines.^[11]^[12] In the US, as of 2014 some states tax e-cigarettes
as tobacco products, and some state and regional governments have broadened
their indoor smoking bans to include e-cigarettes.^[13] As of 9 October
2015, at least 48 states and 2 territories banned e-cigarette sales to

E-cigarettes have been listed as drug delivery devices in several countries
because they contain nicotine, and their advertising has been restricted
until safety and efficacy clinical trials


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