Should Cats Eat Dog Food?


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** Should Cats Eat Dog Food? **

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Feb 18, 2010 | Tags: cat diet, cat dietary needs, cat eat dog food, cat
food, cat food nutrition, cat nutrition, dog food

cute calico cat eating dog food pic

Cat: "nom nom nom.." Dog: "That's mah fud..."

*Should cats eat dog food?* Many people wonder about this question since
many cat owners also have dogs. There are a few reasons why cat owners
consider feeding their cats dog food:

1. Dog food is usually significantly cheaper than cat food.

2. Many cat owners have seen their cats stealing dog food and are confused
if the food is right for their cats.

3. Dog treats come in more varieties and are usually readily available at
most stores. Certain cat treats such as dental treats may not always be
available at some stores.

cute cat about to steal dog food pic


So is it ok for cats to eat dog food? The answer to that question is
simple: cats should not be fed off dog food because felines and canines
have very different dietary needs, but a few nibbles from the dog’s dish
won’t do any harm.

Many foods are attractive to cats. It


can cats eat dog food

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