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Cuba is 90 miles (145 km) south of Florida
Catedral de Sab Cristobal, Havana Vieja (Old Havana)
Varadero beach, Cuba
The beach at Caletón, near Playa Larga
Trinidad de Cuba

Although the government of Cuba permits US citizens to visit, the US
government restricts its citizens from travelling there, except with a
license issued by the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets
Control. The specific restriction is against /spending money/ in Cuba.
However, US authorities consider any visit of more than one day to be
/prima facie/ proof that one has spent money there. Furthermore, OFAC also
holds that US citizens also may not receive goods or services /for free/
from any Cuban national, eliminating any attempts to circumvent the
regulation based on that premise.

-[edit] With a license-

Try calling Cuba Travel Services, with offices in Miami, Los Angeles and
Puerto Rico, for additional information. They operate direct flights
between the United States and Cuba and can assist licensed travelers with
all their travel accommodations. +1 800 963 2822.

All US Citizens are obliged by the US to have a license even if they go
through a third country.

Licenses allowing persons from the US to spend money in Cuba /are/ granted
to certain classes of people for particular purposes.

A *general license* does not require paperwork and may apply to the



can americans go to cuba

How to Travel to Cuba if You Are an American - Cuban Travel, Vacation and

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** How to Travel to Cuba if You Are an American **

*Cuban Travel, Vacation and Holiday Planning for U.S. Travelers*

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All Americans can now travel legally to Cuba -- with some limitations.

The longstanding ban on Cuba travel has been amended to allow all Americans
to take part in tours to Cuba that encourage “people to people”
contact. Previously, only religious, educational, and cultural groups could
legally travel to Cuba, and then only with specific permission from the
U.S. State Department.

The bad news is that Americans still can't simply book a flight and a hotel
and head to Cuba. You'll need to travel with a Cuba travel organization
that has an official license from the U.S. State Department, like Insight
Cuba, which recently became the first company authorized to run Cuba tours
under the new policy.

And, while your tour may include stops at museums, historic sites, or even
the Bay of Pigs or a local Communist Party block meeting, purely
recreational activities -- like visiting the beach or scuba diving -- are
prohibited from tour itineraries, which are limited to experiences that
brings American and Cuban people together.

Schedules are typically packed with activities in order to comply with the


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