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** Did Pterosaurs Survive Extinction? **

By Stephen Wagner

"Pictograph: Bird or pterosaur?"

Pictograph: Bird or pterosaur?

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-Dozens of eyewitness accounts and a few intriguing photographs suggest
that this flying monster, thought to have died with the dinosaurs, might
still exist-

They were the largest creatures to ever attain flight. With wingspans
reaching nearly 40 feet, pterosaurs ruled the prehistoric skies for over
100 million years, until they died out with the dinosaurs about 65 million
years ago.

Or did they?

There have been many modern-day sightings of creatures that by eyewitness
description sound like pterosaurs. There are also intriguing rock carvings
and even photographs that suggest that this species of amazing flying
monsters could have survived extinction, could have soared through the
skies of the southwestern United States until very recently, and might
still exist in small numbers in remote


are there still pterodactyls

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