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1 Jun

-Everyone's Asking: Do Mermaids Really Exist? ...Well, Do They?-

By: Betty Chu


/Charlie Foley, SVP of Development for Animal Planet, is Creator, Writer
and Executive Producer of /Mermaids: The Body Found/. Get his answers to
FAQs about the program./


*How much of this is real and how much of this is made up?*

The science really informs the fiction. The theory of Aquatic Ape mentioned
in the program is real and has been studied for decades. Many events in the
show have occurred – i.e. the whale beachings, Navy experimental sonar
testing, *The Bloop* ...

We use the transitive property to further explore the possibility of
mermaids – i.e. if polar bears evolved from the brown bear, isn’t it
possible that a mermaid, which was reported in disparate civilizations for
ages, evolved from a human-like creature that retreated into the water?

The scientists are actors who portray an authentic government organization
(NOAA) who currently study phenomena like whale beachings and sonar
testing. The imagined part of the show is our entry point into a new world
of possibility rooted in science.

*What inspired the look of the CGI mermaids?*

The mermaids you’ll see in the special were born from the scientific
evidence that exists in other real evolutionary theories. This informed us
on the physical characteristics mermaids would share with

Source: blogs.discovery.com/bites-animal-planet/2012/06/mermaids-the-body-found-do-mermaids-really-exist.html

are there real mermaids

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