Spiders of Vermont

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** Vermont Spiders **

Of the 39 species found in our database, the following are established in
Vermont. Our current understanding of each spider's distribution is drawn
from numerous scientific publications and online spider submissions in
order to be as accurate as possible. It is important to remember that
spiders are not bound by the territorial lines decided on by humans,
therefore their distribution is subject to change. Occasionally, spiders
can be found well outside of their known range due to being intentionally
or accidentally transported by humans in cars, luggage, and other

*Species Found in Vermont*

Male Adult Male
Male Agelenopsis spp. spider
Female Adult Female
Female Agelenopsis spp. spider

-/Agelenopsis / spp.
(Grass Spiders)-


“Grass Spiders” are represented by 13 species collectively
found throughout most of the U.S. and southern Canada, and northern
Mexico. Like all members of the funnel weaver family Agelenidae, they spin
dense, non-sticky, sheet-like webs with a funnel-like retreat where the
spider hides.

Male Adult Male
Male Amaurobius ferox spider
Female Adult Female
Female Amaurobius ferox spider

-/Amaurobius ferox/
(Hacklemesh Weaver)-


Native to Europe, it has become established in southeastern Canada and the
eastern U.S., though is not limited to those regions. This robust
spider is common in and around homes, but also lives under rocks, logs, in
leaf litter, and other dark, humid places. Adult males are notorious for
wandering in the spring.

Male Adult Male
Male Araneus diadematus spider
Female Adult Female
Female Araneus diadematus spider

-/Araneus diadematus/
(Cross Orbweaver)-


This spider is

Source: www.spiders.us/species/filter/vermont/

are there poisonous spiders in vt

Poisonous Spiders of Vermont | eHow


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** Poisonous Spiders of Vermont **

Lorri Amsden

Lorri Amsden is the founder of Liminal Landscapes, a portal for dimensional
living. By day she is the events manager of the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in
Scottsdale, Ariz., where she works with authors, hosting signings and
writer's workshops. She maintains seven book blogs and writes monthly for
"Om-Times," "The Booknews" and "Pagan Magic."

By Lorri Amsden, eHow Contributor

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Found This Helpful

Poisonous Spiders of Vermont thumbnail Poisonous spiders aren't native to

Although all spiders are poisonous, most are harmless to humans. There are
no poisonous spiders native to Vermont but poisonings do occur because of
spider bites from a black widow or brown recluse spider that have

Source: www.ehow.com/list_6029894_poisonous-spiders-vermont.html

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