*Below are some of the more frequently asked questions that are received
about Birds and Birdwatching in Hawai'i.* *Individual questions can be
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*Q. I saw a Mongoose on Kaua'i, who should I inform?*

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* Q. Is there a good birdfinding guidebook to Hawai'i's birds which will
tell me good sites to visit and what I might see ?*

*A.* "Enjoying Birds and other Wildlife in Hawai'i" by H. Douglas Pratt is
currently the best guide available and tells birders where and when to
visit sites and what they might expect to see. The guide has maps and
photographs of birds and habitats and is a great all-round guide that is
easily carried out in the field. "The Birdwatchers Guide to Hawai'i" by
Rick Soehren is also a very useful site guide and "Hidden Treasures of
O'ahu" published by the Hawai'i Audubon Society is a very informative
annotated map for wildlife watchers and sightseers on O'ahu - The Gathering
Place. These and other titles are listed on the *Recommended Reading Page.*

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* Q. What is the best fieldguide for identifying birds in Hawai'i ?
*A.* For identifying the endemics and introduced residents "A field Guide
to the Birds of Hawai'i and the Tropical Pacific" by H. Douglas Pratt /et
al/. is the best and most complete guide available. It has color plates and
an authoritative text, as well as a few habitat photographs. "Hawai'i's
Birds" by the Hawaii Audubon Society is a great little pocket-sized guide

Source: www.birdinghawaii.co.uk/faqs2.htm

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