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*oAre there Hummingbirds in Big Cities?

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Posted by akchicago z5 (My Page) on
Mon, Jun 19, 06 at 15:39

For a brief time, I lived in North Carolina, where hummingbirds were very
common, and it was a delight to watch them. Now I live in Chicago, a few
miles from Lake Michigan, in a part of the city that you'd swear was a
suburb cause of the amounts of trees and gardens. In my yard, I have seen
raccoons, possums, rabbits, chipmunks. My roses, clematis and butterfly
bushes attract several types of bees and butterflies. There are of course
crows, sparrows, cardinals, titmouses, woodpeckers and blue jays. I have
also seen hawks, and my neighbor says she saw a heron (usually spotted
closer to Lake Michigan than we are). So hummingbirds shouldn't be out of
the question, rght? But I have not seen any. Do you think I shoud make the


are there hummingbirds in chicago

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