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Ojai Hot Springs in Ventura, California - Adventure How-To


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** Ojai Hot Springs in Ventura, California **

– June 18, 2011*Posted in: *How to Play, North America, USA

*Finding yourself in LA?* Then here is an unassuming adventure only 1 hours
and 30 minutes away. Located in the hills of Matilija are nothing less than
two full-on natural hot springs, minutes away from the city of Ojai.
Speaking of full-on, there is also the occasional full frontal nudity due
to the now-senior hippies enjoying a nightly bath in the cover of the
night. Basically, mind where you shine your flashlight and you will be
fine. The seniors are nice enough to move if you come with a group so
don’t let them scare you away.

The hot springs bubble of mineral sulfur water and once the smell of rotten
eggs have settled, you are in for a treat that costs you whatever miles per
gallons you get with your car. It’s a great escape from the big city and
not many people know about it.

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Although you might spot the occasional elderly nudist if going to the
springs at night, going after sunset is well worth it. Here is why:

1. You can bring your own beer and enjoy a cold Hennepin or two (amazing
beer) while indulging in natures finest in complete darkness. Think forest
rave without the drugs

Source: www.adventurehowto.com/play/ojai-hot-springs

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