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** Home STD Tests Offer Privacy: What's Available? Are They Accurate? How
Do They Work? **

*Plus Free Tests and an FDA Warning*

Jaipi Sixbear
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You always practice safe sex but something doesn't seem quite right. Seeing
your regular doctor for this type of problem can be embarrassing. Should
you take a home STD test? Sure, they offer privacy but how accurate are
they? Are they the same test your doctor uses? Sexually transmitted
diseases are a serious matter. Can I trust home STD tests? How do they
work, anyway? Are there any free home STD tests available? The FDA has
issued a warning concerning the accuracy of some home STD tests. Which ones
are they? You're right to ask so many questions concerning STD tests. When
it comes to your health, safety is always priority one. Here are some
answers to help you decide if home STD testing is right for you.

*What Type of Home STD Tests are Available?
* There is a home STD test for just about every sexually transmitted
disease. Home STD tests offer privacy for those who are uncomfortable
discussing private matters with their doctor. Home STD tests are available
for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis C and Herpes. Some tests
can be purchased in a drug store, while others are available online. Not
all tests are FDA approved. Even if you practice safe sex, sexually
transmitted disease is a

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are there home std tests

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