Gay dogs: Do dogs have permanent sexual preferences? - Slate Magazine


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*Fido Seeking Fido*

** If your dog has gay sex, does that make him a gay dog? **

By Brian Palmer|Posted Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, at 2:44 PM

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Rick Cantrell lets his dog Alexander walk on the mile and quarter long
'World's Longest Rainbow Flag'.
Does your dog have an opinion on gay pride?

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A Tennessee man became convinced that his pit bull was gay when he saw the
animal “hunched over” another male. He immediately gave the dog to a
shelter, where it came within hours of being euthanized before being
adopted. If a dog has gay sex, does that make him a gay dog?

Not necessarily. Male dogs have homosexual sex under a variety of
circumstances. They mount each other in dominance displays, and that
mounting can involve anal penetration. (This is probably what happened in
Tennessee if, in fact, there was even sex involved.) When exposed to a
female in heat, groups of frustrated males sometimes engage in homosexual
sex. Neither of these behaviors suggests a permanent preference for members
of the same sex. There are, however, male dogs that show a lifelong
indifference to estrous females and never have heterosexual sex. It’s
difficult to say whether this should be equated with the human concept of
being gay. No one knows what’s in


are there gay dogs

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