The Straight Dope: Why aren't there any fireflies in California?

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A Staff Report from the Straight Dope Science Advisory Board

** Why aren't there any fireflies in California? **

June 16, 2009

I've lived in Ohio, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Maryland,
but I've been a resident of southern California for 12 years. I noticed
almost instantly the first time we hit the summer months here that the
Golden State has no lightning bugs (fireflies)? Why?

(My friends back east say that fireflies aren't as commonly seen there as
they used to be. Are fireflies disappearing? Yes, I see this question has
been posed before, but the answer wasn't really satisfactory. Are you part
of the disappearing firefly conspiracy? Is this some type of campaign by
the mayonnaise manufacturers – reduce the number of fireflies to increase
demand, then bring them back and simultaneously jack up the price of mayo
jars? Maybe it's related to the honeybee disappearance too?)

—Gumbypiz, Long Beach

SDSTAFF Doug replies:

Sorry our


are there fireflies in california

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