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** Are There Degrees of Sin and Punishment in Hell? **

*Reader Question: Will Sin Be Judged and Punished by Degree of Severity?*

By Mary Fairchild, Guide

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I received this question from a reader in Japan:

{{Dear Mary,

I wonder if you could help me with a question raised in a conversation at
church the other day?

There are two sinners (both unsaved).

One is a boy, 10 years old, who recently died of cancer.

The other is a 90-year-old lifelong pedophile with nearly 1,000 victims.

Will one be judged and dealt a harder punishment in hell?

In Jesus our Lord and Savior,

Tom Bickel


-Are There Degrees of Sin and Punishment in Hell? -

That's a tough question. For believers, it stirs up doubts and concerns
about the nature and justice of God. But that's precisely why it's a great
question to consider.

The 10-year-old boy in the scenario brings up a topic known as age of
accountability, however, for this discussion we'll deal with the question
as stated and save that for another study.

The Bible gives us only limited information about heaven, hell and the
afterlife. There are some aspects of eternity we'll never fully understand,
at least on this side of heaven. God simply has not revealed *everything*
to us through Scripture.

Yet, the Bible does seem to suggest varying degrees of punishment in hell


are there degrees of sin

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