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** Alcoholic Beverages on a Low Carb Diet **

*Carb Counts for Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Liqueurs*

By Laura Dolson, About.com Guide

Updated May 11, 2009

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"Red Wine"

Red Wine

by Jocilyn Pope
Most of us imbibe an alcoholic beverage from time and time. Research is
showing that unless we have a tendency towards abuse, a little (1 drink or
less per day for women; two drinks or less for men) could be a good thing
(Note that more than this is associated with certain cancers and other
health problems). What’s the best way to handle alcohol when eating low

-Alcohol vs Carbs-

Although alcohol is sometimes lumped in with carbohydrates, our bodies
treat alcohol and carbohydrate differently. From a pure calorie standpoint,
a gram of alcohol provides the body with 7 calories per gram, whereas
carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram. Moreover, the body uses the
calories from alcohol first for energy, before carbohydrate or fat.

Some of the popular low-carb diets recommend not drinking alcoholic
beverages, at least for the first phase of the diet. This is probably
because alcohol can cause blood sugar to be erratic, depending upon the
type, amount, and whether we have food in our stomachs. (Tip: Don't drink
on an empty stomach.)

-Where Do the Carbs Come From? -

Fermented beverages, by definition, start as a high-carb plant, usually
grapes or a grain. During the fermentation process, the

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are there carbs in wine

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