Bears Migrating into East Texas at Growing Rate


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* Bears Migrating into East Texas at Growing Rate *

-By Ray Sasser / The Dallas Morning News-

Mike Ford won’t forget the first black bear he saw near his home in Red
River County, about 120 miles east of Dallas. It was the middle of a hot
summer day in 2007. Ford, a former SMU quarterback raised in Mesquite, was
driving along a dirt road when he noticed a black animal well ahead of his

“I first thought it was a turkey because we’ve got lots of wild turkeys
in this area and they’re pretty dark colored,” Ford said. "Then I saw
that the animal was too big for a turkey and I figured it was a wild hog
but that didn’t look right, either. As I got within about 200 yards, I
thought I was seeing a black calf.

“Then it moved and there was no doubt what it was. I’ve seen lots of
black bears while I was fishing and hunting in the Rocky Mountains, but I
didn’t expect to see one in northeast Texas.”

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are there bears in texas

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