Black Bears are Back!


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** Black Bears are Back! **

Well before Ohio became a state, most of the land was covered by forest.
This forest was perfect habitat for black bears. There were so many black
bears living in Ohio then that Native Americans used them as a source of
food and skins. The only other large animal that the Indians used more was
the white-tailed deer./

But as the land was cleared of trees to make room for farms and cities,
black bears slowly disappeared. By about the year 1850 there were no black
bears left in Ohio because their habitat had been destroyed.

The good news today is that black bears are back in Ohio! There are about
100 black bears now living in the wild in our state. Some female bears,
known as sows, have been seen with cubs, so wildlife biologists know that
bears are reproducing and the population is growing. Bears have returned
because some forests, their habitat, have grown back.

Black bears are not always black in color. Sometimes their fur may


are there bears in ohio

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