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** The Secret History Of Aliens On Earth **

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10,000 B.C.
3000 B.C.
Wikimedia Commons

-10,000 B.C. -

Along the Chinese-Tibetan border, the Dropa Stones indicate what some
believe to be an ancient alien crash-landing. While exploring some curious
caves in the Himalayas, an archeological professor and his students came
across small tombs, which held the skeletons of several 4' 4" creatures.
There were no gravestones but instead hundreds of foot-long disks with
holes in the center and grooves spiraling out from the holes. Beijing's Dr.
Tsum Um determined the grooves contained hieroglyphics that told a tale of
a group, the Dropas, who crashed on earth. The Dropas attempted to befriend
local tribes but were instead killed by the primitive humans who shunned
them for their inhuman appearance.



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are there aliens on earth

Visits From Aliens -- Have Aliens Ever Walked the Earth? Could They Ever?


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Space / Astronomy


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** Have Aliens Walked Among Us? **

*What Would It Take For Extraterrestrials To Visit Earth?*

From John P. Millis, Ph.D, former Guide

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Have aliens ever visited Earth? There are those that believe they have, but
what does the science say? Is it even possible for a physical being to
transverse the galaxy? The answers may not be so clear, and in fact, they
may surprise you.

-How Would Aliens Get to Earth?-

Before we can even address whether beings from another world have indeed
visited the Earth, we must consider how they would have gotten here in the
first place. Based on the fact that we have never detected extraterrestrial
life in our own solar system it is safe to assume that they would have had
to travel from a distant solar system. Even at nearly the speed of light,
it would take decades to make the trip.

Or would it? Is there a way to travel the incredible distances of the
galaxy faster than the speed of light would dictate? Well, yes and no.
There are several theories (explained in great detail here) that would
allow for such travel to exist. But under close scrutiny, it does not seem
possible. Or if it was, a living being would not survive the trip. Of
course, this statement assumes our current level of technology and
understanding of physics. Until the 20th century it was thought that


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