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Disney World

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Disney World
Save on Disney World Park Hopper Tickets

Corporate Specials - 2 Days Free.

ADULT (ages 10 & above): 3 Days (WITH 2 EXTRA DAYS FREE for a total of
5-Days) of Unlimited Admissions to ALL 4 Disney Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom
Park, Epcot , Disney's Hollywood Studios & Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme
Park with the Freedom to visit all of these parks and places on the same
day (park hopping), use of Walt Disney World Transportation and expires 14
days after the first day of use.

Not valid for admission to parks at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim,
California. Gift Cards/Certificates purchased from this Merchant do not


are there aarp discounts for disney world

Save Money at Amusement Parks


1. Money
Frugal Living


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** How to Save Money at Amusement Parks **

By Erin Huffstetler, Guide

*See More About*

· amusement park savings
· frugal vacation savings
· family vacations

*True or false?* If you plan on visiting an amusement park, you’d better
plan on spending a lot of money.

*False*. While amusement parks are designed to make money, they don’t
have to claim a lot of yours. With a few simple strategies you can cut the
cost of admission, food and even souvenirs. Sound like the start to a fun
day? Then, read on to learn how you can make your trip to an amusement park
an affordable one.

-Reduce the Cost of Park Admission-

$67 is a lot to spend for admission to a theme park; and yet, that’s the
current cost of a one-day ticket to Disney World. Outrageous? Sure, but
only if you agree to pay that much. For a more reasonable admission price,
give some of these money-saving strategies a try:

*Buy Online*
Order your tickets online, and you’re likely to be rewarded twice: first
with a discounted ticket price, and later with quicker entry to the park
– see ya later ticket counter!

Just how much money can you hope to save by shopping online? Quite a bit,
actually. On the Universal Studios’ website you can buy a 2 day/2 park
pass for nearly $30 under the gate price – and this bargain is far from
unique. For proof, you need only surf over to the Sea World website, where
an online exclusive, called “Be a Kid


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