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Hampshire rehabilitation center
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For the first time in a long time I have reason to feel optimistic that J
may finally be able to receive the treatment that he desperately needs and

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are there aa meetings online

A.A. Online Meetings


1. Health


· Alcoholism
· Symptoms/Diagnosis
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** A.A. Internet Meetings **

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on the Internet.

AA Chat Meeting Schedule
The schedule of real-time Alcoholic Anonymous chat meetings at These are the chat rooms that previously were here at the Alcoholism site.

AA Chat Meetings
The Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous lists many of the "real time"
chat meetings available on the Internet.

AA Email Meetings
There are many AA mailing lists available to alcoholics with a desire to
stop drinking. Here's a list from the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics
Anonymous website.

A.A. Serenity
AA Serenity is a closed, women's AA e-mail meeting. The weeky topics
consists of a general topic and a Big Book topic, as well as discussions on
the Steps/Traditions.

Jews in Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
For those with a serious concern about alcoholism and drug abuse in the
Jewish community either for personal or professional reasons.

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